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About us...

"About Us" is the main section where the company is introduced.


Visitors can see what business we are dealing with by looking over the entire website; there is no problem with that.

But in the "About Us" section, one would like to understand about us, our history, how we do business I think...


If so, I, Ersin Erkol, should first of all tell about myself as the company owner.


By the way, our website has been renewed recently. I should note it down in history... This change that we have made as we are about to enter 2020 is important. Not only the website... This period also includes the merger of Erde and Ermakina.


Therefore, I will take this section both as self-introduction and the summary of our brief history and as acknowledgements.


I am a Mechanical Engineer. In 1989, when I started my business life after completing my military service, I headed towards the "sales" section amongst my options, and I started working for Canbulat Foreign Trade, which was the agency of a German company (Winter) in the industry of diamond abrasives. International relations, customer expectations, technical marketing... It was the place where I learned all; I express my thanks to them once again.


It was 1997 when ERDE Foreign Trade was established. Its shareholding structure has changed twice within years. Speaking of which, I once again thank my founding partner Cafer Demir, and my partner Hasan Keskinaysever, with whom we spent half the 2000s together and developed the company.


In recent years, we also had activities in the industries of welding (gas metal arc welding), casting and glass... We were involved with these sectors for particular periods. Moreover, we had fellow agencies established in 2 cities for a long time. Also thanks to the friends who were with our company by that time...


Approximately 10 years ago, I opened the department of machine and investments in the company. After then, we founded Ermakina Ltd. Şti just for this branch to specialise in that department.


It has been like telling a story a little... Let me say "as time goes by", the course of business gave our agencies in the field of machine and investment prominence.


In the period between 2017 and 2019, we directed all our works to the field of machinery investments and withdrew from all others.

Finally, along with the participation of Ermakina in Erde Foreign Trade, we will be proceeding our way at an intense and fast pace as of 2020, together with our companies that you will see in the page "Our Agencies". The biggest thanks to them for our excellent co-working.


"How" do we work?

What does an "Agency" do?


The world has changed a lot. Speaking of 1990s, 2000s, it is a period of 30 years in fact. How would it not have changed?

In a world where communication is so fast and easy and where customers can immediately reach sellers and easily get information at any level, why is it necessary to be an "agent"?


I'm not mentioning the part about identification of needs and finding new project; it is the part about factory floor.

But if a new project has started, our job is "interpretation". Yes, these are what I can say at the end of 30 years. But attention please; I do not mean translating into a foreign language. I mean the interpretation at the point of "transfer of expectations". This involves language, cultural properties, technical depth, human relations, etc. also.


That's exactly what we are trying to do. And we are trying to be "just" as we do that. We are doing our job by trying to find out all aspects that will be to the benefit of all parties. With love, with respect...


We wish your investments will come with prosperity to your enterprise. How happy for us if we can assist you through our agencies.


Peace out, happy days!

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